Our Partner Pruim Digital Media

Pruim Digital Media was brought on to help the RIC film, edit, and launch the 2018 content. They were instrumental in launching our media efforts and we can’t thank them enough!

What Motivated Your Organization to get Involved?

At Pruim Digital Media we are motivated by a desire to share stories that help bring positive change to the community. We believe that the stories of refugees & immigrants can be those types of stories and we wanted to help bring attention to them.

When the RIC approached us to help with this project we were excited for the opportunity to present not just one story but an entire series of educational content. We believe that the power each of these stories has been increased by the context and perspectives of the others. We are so excited to see where this project goes in the future.

PDM’s List of 5

  1. Be sure to visit the “Why We Care” page to get a quick summary of the great diversity this collaborative has to offer. Not only can you read participant bios, you can also watch additional content about why many of them care about Refugees and Immigrants.
  2. Check out Tim Baldwin’s Talk on Hospitality as Discovery. How can you begin to approach hospitality differently?
  3. Check out some of the RIC’s other partners. They’ll be highlighting partners through out their first week after their official lunch (December 1-8, 2018).
  4. Check out the “Join Us!” section of the website for next steps towards getting involved with refugees and immigrants in the community.
  5. Share this content with friends and relatives. Invite them to join you in a discussion about some of the issues facing our community today. (If you need help just click the share buttons at the bottom of every page!)

About Pruim Digital Media

Pruim Digital Media is a collection of artist led and run by Andrew Pruim and Hannah Joy. We love to help share stories that make a positive difference and impact the local community. Our work ranges from one off video projects to full brand designs. We specialize in non-profit and educational work, but also do corporate projects form time-to-time. If you have a story to share we’d love to hear it. You can reach us on Facebook and watch content on YouTube.

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