5 Key Reflection Questions | RIC 2018

Where to start

Read Some Books

What 5 Key Words Come to Mind?

Based on the video you just watched or the book you just read what key words come to mind? Why do these words come to mind? What other things do these same words describe?

What information was new to you?

What was most interesting? How might it impact how you think about refugees and immigrants?

What similarities or differences do you see between the stories presented and your own life?

Think about some of the fears, challenges, and hopes of refugees and immigrants. What are some of your hopes and fears?

What question would you like to ask the speaker/writer? 

What additional information or perspective do you wish were included? Why? How might this impact the effectiveness of the resource?

How will you respond?

Will you actively seek out new experiences? Get involved with a local organization? Tell your story to others?

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