Immigration and the Legal Road Map | RIC 2018

“Ask yourself: When did your ancestors arrive into the United States?”

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Why don’t they just get in line? Sarah Yore-VanOosterhout explains some of the complexities facing immigrants and refugees.

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Sarah Yore-Van Oosterhout, Esq.

Sarah Yore-Van Oosterhout, Esq.

RIC 2018 Member
Sarah Yore-Van Oosterhout, Esq., is the Executive Director and Managing Attorney at Lighthouse Immigrant Advocates, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit immigration law office and advocacy center located in Holland, Michigan, and serving the greater West Michigan region. Sarah founded Lighthouse in July 2015 in response to a longstanding need for low-cost, high-quality immigration legal services in Ottawa County (Mich.) and surrounding areas. Since opening Lighthouse’s doors on November 2, 2015, Sarah and her staff have served over 550 families and taken on dozens of advocacy and education projects within their service region. Sarah created a unique service model blending case management, legal services, education, advocacy, and outreach.

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“I care about immigrants and I welcome immigrants because I am a member of the same human family.”

The Immigration Road Map

The “Immigration Road Map” used with permission from Immigration Road.

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