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“My natural inclination as a historian is to look to the past to help us understand the present and where we are heading in the future.”

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What role does our immigration history play in politics today? Will Katerberg recounts some key points in our immigration history and how that relates to our ideas and policies today. “…we see cycles where ethnic nationalism comes to the fore and plays a dominant role in shaping politics and periods where civic nationalism comes to the fore.”

About The Speaker

William Katerberg

William Katerberg

RIC 2018 Member
William Katerberg, Ph.D. is a professor of history and director of the Mellema Program in Western American Studies at Calvin College. His interest in immigration is both personal and professional. He was born in Grand Rapids but raised in the Dutch Reformed immigrant community in Canada. This childhood and adolescent experience shaped his interest in researching and teaching about ethnic and national identities. He has taught courses in a variety of areas of U.S. and Canadian history, including U.S.-Canadian relations, history of the North American West, Native American history, and religion and society in North America. His published work includes essays on religion and national identity in the U.S. and Canada, immigration restriction movements and liberal democracy, and the evolution of immigrant ethnic identities.

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“We can be confident that given time Muslim Americans whether they come as migrants… whether they come as refugees… increasingly we will think of them as part of us.”

Recommended Reads

Will has written the book MODERNITY AND THE DILEMMA OF NORTH AMERICAN ANGLICAN IDENTITIES, 1880-1950 about the response of North American Anglicans to unsettling intellectual, religious, and cultural changes during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. You can buy the book on Amazon by clicking the button bellow.

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