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“Migration has been an issue for centuries. Since biblical times people have been moving across the world for a variety of reasons.”

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Refugee, forced migrant, internally displaced person: what do these mean and how can we understand better what’s going on in the world? Bill Garvelink explains key differences and dispels a few myths. “Most people think that when a refugee flees…once they are across the border, once they get to the refugee camp things are better [but] that’s not really the case.”

About The Speaker

Ambassador William J. Garvelink

Ambassador William J. Garvelink

RIC 2018 Member
Ambassador William J. Garvelink is the Chief Compliance Officer at International Medical Corps, a global, nonprofit humanitarian relief organization providing medical care and training around the world. Bill is a development professional and diplomat possessing 33 years of experience with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Department of State, including four years serving as the US ambassador to the Democratic Republic of Congo. He has worked extensively with different organizations addressing issues related to immigrant and refugees and has first-hand experiences on site at camps for refugees and internally displaced persons.  

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“We have always been a generous and compassionate people. We have been willing to speak for those who can not speak for themselves. We must speak now for the 40 million internally displaced people in the world.”

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