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“Today I want to share my personal story, as a child migrant, as an unaccompanied minor coming to the United States, and as an immigrant living in this country.”

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Born and raised in Honduras Elvis Garcia Cellejas struggled to help support his mother and siblings. He began working when he was eight years old and eventually made the journey to the United States. Watch his talk to learn about what it is like being an unaccompanied minor, why they come, and what their journey looks like. “One of the things that people do not understand, is that I have this story… but… I am just one person. There are millions of people leaving their homes today, people on the move trying to save their lives”

About The Speaker

Elvis Garcia Callejas

Elvis Garcia Callejas

RIC 2018 Member
Elvis Garcia Callejas is a migration counselor at Catholic Charities of New York where he helps unaccompanied and separated children (UACs) navigate the immigration system and successfully integrate in New York. Elvis serves as a national advocate for UACs and regularly speaks at national forums on the plight of children and others fleeing the violence in Central America. He has also founded and coaches La Union F.C., a football (soccer) league in the Bronx for minors from Central America.

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“We are just looking for protection, looking for a better future, a better life. We’re not looking for anything that is different than what you would look [for], for your family.”

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