Biblical Perspectives on the Immigrant | RIC 2018

“Why invest yourself in the lives of immigrants and refugees? Why take on somebody elese’s problems when you have enough problems of your own?”

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Amanda Benckhuysen shares insights from key Bible passages for the issues surrounding immigration and Christian Hospitality. “Even today settling in a new country, becoming a stranger in a strange land, starting from scratch in a new place where you don’t know the language, and you don’t know the customs and the culture, and you don’t have family and friends around you as a support network can be extremely challenging.”

About The Speaker

Amanda Benckhuysen

Amanda Benckhuysen

RIC 2018 Member
Amanda Benckhuysen, M.Div., Ph.D. is a professor of Old Testament at Calvin Seminary. Her interests in issues around immigration and refugees emerge from her study of the Old Testament, her own experience as a foreigner in the US, and her concern, as a US resident, for the moral integrity of America. The questions she finds herself asking with reference to immigrants and refugees is: what does justice and morality require of us as a nation, and what does the gospel compel us to do as Christians?

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“…while God loves all that he has made, all of his creation, all human beings, the Bible teaches us that God has a special concern for those that are the most vulnerable in our society…”

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