Hospitality as Discovery | RIC 2018

“The Judeo-Christian tradition… places an emphasis on welcoming the stranger.”

About This Talk

Tim Baldwin explains how we can view hospitality as discovery and shares a story from his own experience.

About The Speaker

Tim Baldwin

Tim Baldwin

Collaborative Leader
Tim Baldwin Ph.D. works at Sunshine Gospel Ministries in Chicago and is the director of The Bridging Cultural Differences Project. Tim is a career educator with a passion for hospitable and culturally responsive practices. He has lived with and learned alongside refugees and immigrants in many places including St. Louis and Honduras. He continues to consult with businesses, churches, colleges, and universities helping organizations and individuals grow their capacity to re-envision Biblical hospitality for and from the stranger.

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“Welcoming the stranger will be awkward for sure. You also need to be pretty flexible and generous with your time. You may cry. You may become dear friends. But I am confident that you will make some important discoveries.”

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